One of the most important investments you can make is the purchase of a new home. Purchasing a new home comes with many surprises with some that may not be so pleasant. Knowing what to expect with your new home will alleviate the stress of the unknow. Knowing what your purchasing will give you the advantage knowing what is safe or what just simply needs repair. With a best home inspection company, you get this information which can be used to renegotiate costs or have necessary repairs immediately addressed. Remember no home is perfect and that older homes may not be code compliant, but they must be safe.

CDC  safety recommendations will be implemented”

Why House N Home Inspections:

  • Years of Experience! I have helped thousands of customers with my knowledge and expertise by going above and beyond the scope of practice for each & every customer.
  • Nothing is left out when I inspect a home. By being thorough I have gained trust with thousands of customers and the public utility companies alike. Companies like First Energy, PPL. and UGI. Performing inspections and safety diagnostics to determine the safety of the home is my number one concern.
  • High tech tools are used to ensure more accurate inspections. Gas sniffers, CO detectors, Combustion Analyzers, Infrared Thermometers and Cameras, Borescopes, Moisture Meters, Multimeters, AFCI & GFCI Detectors…
  • You will receive your home inspection report in PDF format within 24-48 hours. You will also receive a FREE “Home Energy Report” along with a FREE PDF 31 chapter Home Energy E-book.
  • Multiple services offered. With a variety of services offered I can complete multiple services in one stop or at a later scheduled date.
  • Multiple Certifications. Always be sure you inspector has and is updated with  proper certifications. House N Home Inspections continues to grow earning more certifications that will enable more quality services.